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Our approach is simple. We know the power of making 1,000 small changes to add up to a 1,000{7049d1fb0f1b88cabeef6135887492d358634238898c84b60efc29208d941502} difference to your business. Is 1000{7049d1fb0f1b88cabeef6135887492d358634238898c84b60efc29208d941502} to strong, maybe replace with big improvement/ big difference.?

  • Is your business growth flat-lining?
  • Do you know you need to make changes but aren’t sure what will have the most impact?
  • Are you unsure what’s causing your customers to complain because you’ve never measured the root causes?
  • Do you think you can’t commit to a continuous improvement plan because you won’t have the resources or skills to deliver it?

In any of these situations we can help, with either bespoke training or consultancy, or by you using our online courses to help you and your team gain the knowledge and confidence to identify and solve the issues themselves.

Making it easy

The aggregation of marginal gains won Britain’s cycling team the Tour de France and a clutch of gold medals in three consecutive Olympic Games. Put simply, it’s the accumulation of lots of small changes which add up to a large change. We show you how you can apply that medal-winning science to your business simply, easily and in a way everyone can understand.

We are passionate about helping small businesses optimise their performance, not by instigating large change projects for the sake of it or creating loads of complicated spreadsheets, but by understanding the fundamentals – are you delivering what your customers really want and in the most efficient way?

Helping you fine-tune your business creates a happier team, happier clients and, ultimately, a happier you. And the knock-on effect is a more thriving economy where everyone benefits, what’s not to like about that?

How we do that – online courses

As experts in operational performance improvement (that’s corporate speak to getting the most out of your business) we have helped banks and contact centres o reduce costs by reducing the errors made in processing mortgages. We are also working with a large outsourcing company in Ireland to identify and improve customer satisfaction levels, and improve employee engagement. So far we’ve halved sick days and reduced employee turnover.

But our passion lies in helping small businesses, so we’ve created a series of on-line courses to help you and your team fine-tune your business. We’ve invested the time and money needed to create these courses as we believe that the knowledge to continuously improve a business should stay within the business.

Take a look at our e-learning page for more details about our courses, which start at just £165+VAT for a programme which will take around eight hours to complete. Great value isn’t it?

How we do that – bespoke consultancy

If you want the benefit of us looking closely at your business and working alongside you and your team to identify and drive the small changes necessary to improve your performance, give us a call to discuss our bespoke consultancy options.

We help transform organisations and individuals who are looking to make small changes that have a big impact. Our core philosophy is to have a continuous improvement (CI) plan and make CI a part of your businesses everyday activities. CI  is, without a doubt, one of the most effective ways to help you grow, reach your big goals and wow your customers.

OPE offers e-Learning training qualifications that are available for your organisation. You can access our continuous improvement courses and get the most out of your business. We have designed our courses to be interactive and engaging. Our e-Learning could be the change you and your organisation need.