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We understand operational excellence...

As experts in fine-tuning organisations to get the absolute best out of their systems and people, we are passionate about making small businesses better.

Our services are simple. Either use our exclusive online courses to give your people the right level of knowledge so they are confident to identify and make the changes themselves, or ask us to work with you to do that.

If you’re looking to wring the maximum amount of performance out of your organisation without compromising your team’s happiness and job satisfaction, we know we can help.

Our courses are just the right blend of theory ,tools and habits to ensure your team will complete them confident and ready to make changes.

OPE Consulting can help you:

Access highly effective e-learning programmes

Created using the latest tools and techniques, why not try our free introductory course for a taster of the huge impact you can make? Our entry-level course is just £165+VAT and for leaders just £200+VAT. Your team will complete them enthused, empowered and confident they can make a massive difference.

Create a plan to make your organisation the best it can be

If you’re ready to invest in a bespoke solution run by experts we can work with you to assess, diagnose and start to make the changes needed to get the most out of your business. We’ll work with your team to embed the right level of knowledge so the benefits of continuous improvements aren’t lost when we leave.

Design and deliver bespoke training courses

Using the right tools, techniques and theory for your situation and industry we create customised training which empowers your team to make changes to the business and their mindset, ensuring continuous improvement becomes embedded in your culture and securing the sustainability of the change

Coach and mentor your business leaders

Effective leaders can make or break an organisation and impact massively on change. If you need your leaders to join the dots between understanding and delivering on customer requirements and improved profitability, we can coach or mentor them to ensure you reap the business benefits (and they reap the personal ones)

We have gained our experience by working in a variety of industries and we are confident that if your company operates in any of the following industries we can help you achieve your operational excellence goals;

Retail financial services

Public sector

Law and legal/practice management

Professional services

Private and offshore banking